Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

As I prepare to apply and interview for the position that will be the start of my career, I have been constantly reviewing and editing my LinkedIn, resume and cover letters. These items are so important because they get you in the door for the interview. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites that offer advice on each of these items. I began by reading through as many as I could. I discovered there are many repeat tips and I got frustrated reading the same thing over and over again. Some were so obvious (of course I am going to do all I can to make sure I don’t misspell anything!) So I continued sifting, feeling smarter and smarter really but how uninspiring these website could be. Of course I found some great advice mixed in with the generic and uninspiring suggestions. I also got some great starter information from my school, but then I discovered a new and invigorating technique – speaking to professionals who sift through these resumes, covers letters and LinkedIn profiles to give graduated like me the job they dream of. Recruiters and managers obviously know what they want to see on these items and are surprisingly wiling to give out their insider information. I was able to connect with these professionals through help I found at my school’s career development center and through my pre-professional organizations, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

To summarize what I have discovered through hours of research:

-The tips your read over again and again are repeated for a reason, don’t mess them up.

-You can never get enough advice, especially ‘insider’ advice on these documents so,

-Don’t be afraid to constantly make improvements

-Use your school and student organization connections to meet with recruiters and professionals to get extra help on your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile


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